The mission of Jung Yun Acupuncture is to critically assess and treat patients with Oriental medicine and its traditional and modern derivation so that our acupuncturists may deliver the highest standard of patient care within our scope of practice. We, at Jung Yun Acupuncture, provide exemplary personalized Oriental medical treatments for our patients so that each experiences a high degree of satisfaction. We strive to provide personalized service and guidance to our patients with respect, integrity and compassion.

Our mission is to provide sensitive, quality health care and related services primarily to New York City’s families in all their diversity. To further this mission, Jung Yun Acupuncture promotes health education and wellness and advocates for the whole family including: children, mothers, fathers and grandparents health issues.

Our vision is to be New York City's premier provider of sensitive, culturally competent, and clinically appropriate health care and related services for families using Oriental medicine, including acupuncture, Sho Ni Shin, Tui Na, Qi Gong and Chinese herbs.

Jung Yun Acupuncture values and believes that health care is a human right. To that end we continually strive to:

• Create a health care environment that is safe, sensitive, nonjudgmental, and respectful;

• Work to remove as many barriers to care as possible;

• Structure health care programs to be dynamic and flexible to meet the changing needs
of the families we serve;

• Provide health care that is appropriate, accessible, and affordable;

• Create an environment in which individuals are empowered to become educated health
care consumers;

• Assist families in planning and conceiving their children;

• Encourage family participation and support; and,

• Embrace diversity on all levels.