I was treated by Jung almost 2 years ago for anxiety, pms and occasional back pain.
Her methods are thorough and her practice showed results! She really looked at me as
a whole person and not just a list of symptoms. I found her to be patient, calming and knowledgable. She really understood what I needed as a patient.

-Lauren Blackford BPC


Jung Yun Wong has a healing touch. She's treated me for a variety of things, but I never expected some of the surprising side effects like sleeping really well for the first time in years, and no more migraines. That's truly magical. I wholeheartedly recommend Jung Yun.

- Elizabeth Larsen


We had been trying to conceive naturally for 2 years with no success. We started to see a fertility doctor but couldn't find out the cause of our infertility other than the stress. After many months of timing method failure, we decided to go through with IUI.

Jung Yun sent me an article about how acupuncture could be effective in treating infertility and increase the chance of conception for IUI and IVFs and I decided to give it a try. She made a house visit the night before our procedure. After thorough and personalized consultation, she gave me acupuncture treatment from head to toe. She ended her session with extensive massage and qi.    

After trying to conceive for so many months, we became so fixated with the issue, we had no idea how stressed out we were. My fertility doctor kept telling me to relax, but I just didn't know how to. Jung Yun's session helped me to relax, I felt rejuvenated and relieved from my stress. She also gave my husband a massage session, that helped him with his chronic back pain and a knot in his neck. 

Now I am so happy to announce that I'm 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. We cannot thank Jung Yun enough, I truly believe her session for both of us improved our chance of conception. 

- Agatha A.  


I saw Jung Yun to get treated for my seasonal allergies. In addition to the sneezing and congestion, I had serious asthma, which made it very difficult for me to breath and caused me to cough severely. Jung Yun prescribed herbs and performed a session of accupuncture and cupping. After the one session and about a week of taking herbs, I found that my breathing had gone back to normal with very little coughing. I no longer had congestion, sneezing, or sinus pressure; my allergies were pretty much gone. The whole time Jung Yun was very attentive, caring, and continued to check in with me to see how I was feeling. I highly recommend Jung Yun!

- Fay Ryu